Teupen Leo 21GT

Teupen Leo 21GT

Safe positioning even with little space: The multi-position stabiliser system permits to automatically set up the machine in confined areas and on slopes. It offers three different setup positions: Both sides wide, one side wide and one side narrow or both sides narrow. In terrain or over obstacles the stabilisers overcome a height difference of 1,20 m.With 250 kg platform capacity LEO21GT still achieves 12,00 m side reach. That is always enough capacity to take two persons including tools or material: No compromises and unrivalled in this height segment. 

Teupen Leo 21GT Spider Lift Hire Nationwide


Working Height : 21M

Horizontal Outreach : 12M

Lifting Capacity : 250KG

Power Supply : 240V


Weight : 3000KG

Tracking Width : 0.98M

Single Doorway Access


Working Envelope


Manufacturers Specification Sheet

Teupen Leo 21GT Working Envelope


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