The Spiderlift is designed to access areas that traditional cherrypickers can't and is often used in place of traditional and expensive scaffolding systems. Specific features of the Spiderlift enhance it's versatility, here is a rundown of the most important features.

CMC S15 spiderlift narrow access

Doorway access

To allow the Spiderlift to access areas that traditional cherrypickers can’t. All our Spiderlifts feature dimensions compact enough enter buildings through standard single or double doorways.

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CMC S15 spiderlift very compact

Compact dimensions

Incredibly compact, with short closed length for ultimate manoeuvrability. For example, the CMC S15 model is shorter than a modern day Mini!

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CMC S25 spider cherrypicker

Tracked chassis

Tracks spread the load of the machine over a larger surface area than wheels do, this reduces the ground bearing pressure on delicate floors and soft ground as well as adding traction when the going gets slippery.

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CMC S19HD spiderlift spider type stabilisers

Spider stabilisers

Giving the ability to fold down narrow ensure that the Spiderlift can access narrow areas and doorways. They also give increased leveling ability ensuring safe operation on slopes and uneven terrain.

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CMC S15 spiderlift on trailer video

Low gross weight

In addition to creating low floor loadings, the spiderlift’s low gross weight also makes them very transportable.

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CMC S15 spiderlift low surface load

Low floor loadings

With low gross weight, spread across the tracked chassis whilst driving and the stabiliser base when operating, our spiderlifts feature very low floor loadings, typically below 5kN/m2.

CMC S25 spider boom cherrypicker

Versatile boom designs

With articulating booms, telescopic sections & articulating jibs, the spiderlifts boom is very versatile. Many of our models offer some extra innovative features too.

CMC spiderlift dual voltage AC motor

Multiple power options

With combinations of diesel or petrol engine coupled with mains electric motors (110v, 230v, 400v options), and now also rechargeable lithium battery pack. Spiderlifts are designed for indoor and outdoor use.