Features of a spiderlift

Compact Dimensions

To allow the Spiderlift to access areas that traditional cherrypickers cant all of our Spiderlifts feature dimensions compact enough to enter buildings through standard single or double doorways.

The tracked spider boom lift is highly manoeuvrable, featuring compact dimensions and short overall length, the tracked chassis can be turned in a very tight space and can typically turn in an area not much wider than its own length.

Spiderlifts are truly amazing and are designed to go where other types of powered access platforms or cherrypickers cant with working heights ranging from 11M to 42M.

Tracked Chassis

In addition to creating low floor loadings, the Spiderlifts low gross weight also makes them very transportable.

Efficiently spread across the tracked chassis whilst driving and the stabiliser base when operating, our Spiderlifts feature very low floor loadings and are ideal for working on rough terrains or delicate flooring.

Versatile Spider Stabilizers

Spider leg shaped stabilisers offer two advantages. First of all Spiderlifts spider type stabilisers provide a large and stable setup area.

Furthermore the tracked spider can lift its chassis to a great height giving tremendous levelling ability on sloped and uneven terrain.

Finally, the ability to set the stabilisers at different width positions allows our versatile Spiderlifts to setup in many difficult positions where width restrictions may apply.

Spider Style Stabilisers

Low Gross Weight

With a very low gross weight, the Spiderlift powered access platform is ideal for working indoors on delicate flooring due to its low weight and ground bearing pressure. This low weight also means spider lifts can be transported by trailer or small lorries making them a very versatile type of cherrypicker. For example a typical 15m (50 Foot) Spiderlift weighs around 2,000 kgs. By comparison an equivalent self propelled cherrypicker will weigh in the region of 6000 kgs.

Reduced Point Loadings

With low gross weight spread across the tracked chassis while driving and the stabiliser base while operating our Spiderlifts feature very low floor loadings typically below 5kN/m2 this can be reduced further by using our range of specialist outrigger pads ranging from 300 x 300mm to 1000 x 1000mm.